Home Brew G5RV

I found my small camera and Had some pictures of when I built my G5RV.

G5RV Center insulator

This is the center insulator of my G5RV. I designed this using Autocad so it can used as a diople or inverted “V”. I will post the DXF later on if there is any interest.
I had a piece of Lexan (Plexiglass). I was cut using a CNC 4000w laser. I know many people do not have access to a cutting laser so I saw and drill press will do just as well. I then heated the edges with a blow torch just to clean up the piece and get rid of any sharp corners.

Half Done G5RV

Here is the G5RV Half done.  I used 12ga stranded 300ohm twin lead wire. I prefer stranded wire even though it cost a little more than the solid cord. After whipping around in the wind I would be afraid that the solid core would break in places and render the antenna useless. I also used 12ga stranded wire for the antenna. I managed to get 500ft of it but it was insulated so I spent a couple of hours stripping 100+ ft of copper wire.

G5RV In The Tree

I know it’s hard to make out but it’s done and in the tree.  I was using a g5rv jr. kit that I bought before and this antenna took up the entire length from my house to the tree with a couple of inches to spare. It’s 40 ft high up and after months and hundreds of contacts later. It’s still performing well.

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