8/10/10 Contacts

I didn’t feel like using the radio. The office on TBS has episodes that i’ve seen many times so I ended up turning on the rig. 20m seemed dead so I went to 40m where there was a lot of PSK activity.

Start calling CQ with BPSK63 and AB4RT (Bob)  replyied. Call was familar and he just realized that he contacted me the night before. It was strange because HRD did not pick up on the logged call.  After that VE3SWS (Jay, ON) contacted me and told me that I was his first digital contact. I like seeing people get into digital. More for me to make contacts with so we rag chewed a bit and moved to a different frequency where we tried different modes out. Found out that Oliva is REALLY SLOW with a wide bandwidth. Too me it would seem great for low power long distance communication. Not for making quick QSO’s. Had a great time.


One thought on “8/10/10 Contacts”

  1. Hi Jeff,
    Have you tried Digital slowscan yet??
    There is a net every morning 7:00am-8:00am local time
    somtimes longer and its on 3857 KHz.
    The software you require is Easypal and its free!!!
    I work nights so I’m not always home to join in the net, but I’m normally monitoring from around 7:30ish.
    I hope you get a chance to join in some time.
    73 Andy KB1UIF & G6JVS.

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