Welcome to the N1BMX APRS page

N1BMX currently has a part time iGate and one tracker running on APRS. Right now everything is experimental and is just seeing how the APRS network works and propagation plotting of my receiver and antenna setup .

N1BMX-10  iGate consists of a Radioshack Pro-97 Scanner, Computer connected to the internet using AWGPE TNC emulator, UI-view32 software and a Diamond X510 antenna mounted on the roof (30ft). Reason is to provide extra coverage in the pioneer valley and to make use of equipment that is sitting idle. Since there are already multiple digipeaters in the Area, I do not want to add a extra transmitter in the mix.
Please note that this is just a part time RX Station, The station could be running for only hours, days, weeks or months.

Here is the igate in action… WOWOWOWOW!

N1BMX-12 Tracker consists of either a Kenwood TH-78A or Wouxun KG-UV1D transceiver, Byonics Tinytrak3+ tracker and a Garmin GPS-V receiver. NMEA data from the GPS is encoded by the TinyTrak and sent over the transceiver on 144.390mhz. If transmitting in the range of a iGate the GPS information will be plotted on the internet using websites such as aprs.fi . The tracker is also part time and will also be used in certain events (possibly using a different call).

The N1BMX-12 Tracker In Demo Operation.

If by any chance there is an issue with either the IGate or Tracker, please contact me.

As of 8/12/2011, This page will be under construction ( Not the typical ham radio related website under construction either) so please check back for more detail about APRS and my setup.

Thank you!



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