Back on The AIR

N1BMX is now back on the air. I went out and purchased 92ft of Jetstream JT2015F Coax that replaced my mutilated Belden RG-58A/U.  I guess the JT2015F is supposed to be  a knockoff of the Belden 9913F. So far I am liking it. Not really noticing a major difference compared to the much thinner RG-58 but it’s better than having none.

Since last night I managed to make some contacts with the following people

KC9ISJ (PSK 31 40m) – Randy – IN, US
OK1VPO (PSK 31 40m) – Milos – Czech Republic
P43E (USB 20m) – Emily – Aruba
W4HOZ (USB 20m) – Noel – MS QSO PARTY
K5DWI (USB 20m) – Bob – MS QSO PARTY
N7QU (JT65 20m) – George – OR, US
EA1HQN (PSK 31 20m) – Jose – Spain
LA8WRA (PSK 31 20m) – Arnfinn – Norway (First Norway Contact!)
RA4AJK (PSK 31 20m) – Alexander – Russia
DL8UFO (PSK 31 20m) – Fritz – Germany
OK2UYU (PSK 31 20m) – Jaro – Czech Rep.
DL1BA (PSK 31 20m) – Vasily- Germany.

I plan on getting a Vertical antenna to place in the back yard.

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