HRD Log Book , MySQL & Godaddy = Not Sure

I wanted to find another way to display my logbook other than using the code generated by After searching around I found a couple of articles that discussed using HRD’s Logbook with MySQL. Since my godaddy account comes with MySQL, I thought it would be a great idea to create a database and have HRD Logbook update the MySQL database on godaddy’s server rather than saving it on my computer. There is a couple of great reasons for doing this. One is that my logbook is being saved online. If my computer were to fail or I had to reformat. My information is updated and online. The other reason is that I can basically update my logbook from anywhere and retain only one logbook. There is also a script/plugin that will display your logbook online with wordpress (Script I use to publish on

After setting it up I noticed that the Log Book takes a long time to load and a very long time to add a QSO. It works, but really slow. It’s slow enough to the point where I did not want to use it anymore. It took minutes to add to the database which when contesting or even trying to handle one QSO after another, it proves to be a big pain. I am not sure if this is because of Ham Radio deluxe or Godaddy’s MySQL server. Someday I will revisit this.

I ended up trying to revert back to using Microsoft access database which all hell broke out when using Ham Radio Deluxe. It basically slowed it down to where it crashed upon load or when I tried to look up a callsign. I’ve tried to uninstall HRD and reinstall with no luck. It was to the point where I stopped using HRD and started looking at other software to replace HRD as I was getting really annoyed. It even slowed down my Ham Radio usage to SSB and a paper log.  Today (6/12/2011) I was determined to get HRD back running with logbook and Digital master working together without a hiccup. I finally got to uninstall HRD, Re-Install and have everything work.

Here is what I did (AT YOUR OWN RISK!)

– Exported Database to ADIF file and placed on keydrive
– Uninstalled HRD via Windows control panel
– Deleted “C:\USERS\*****\AppData\Roaming\Simon Brown, HB9DRV” (Or rename it). The Appdata folder is Hidden and you have to change the folder settings in windows to display hidden files or folder
– Searched the Registry and removed HRD (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Simon Brown\HamRadioDeluxe)
– Removed OCDB’s related to HRD (Windows 7 Start>Control Panel>System and Security>Admin Tools>Data Sources>Highlight any HRD database>Remove. If it does not remove try using the registry editor to remove the database links Start>Type “Regedit>HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ODBC)
– Reinstalled HRD
– Imported ADIF file to new log book

Please note that ALL your settings will be gone (Unless you backed up the folder located in appdata) and will have to be re-entered. It’s a bit of a pain but well worth it to get your logbook and/or HRD software running fast again.

I am sure it could work on a Different SQL server but I’m sharing my experience. I hope to try this again. Until then I am using and using their script on this site for you to see My Logbook.

PA1JIM HRD Script – This is the Scirpt I used to display information from the MySQL Database to my website
KB3LMC Howto – This site will show you step by step on how to setup MySQL on your computer (Even though for Mac, Instructions are similar using windows).

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