It’s been awhile

It’s been awhile since I last updated this site.  Life has changed gears and a lot of stuff required my attention which meant this site and amateur radio had to take a back seat while I caught up. I did make time for ARRL’s Field Day with my club, HCRA (W1NY) where I operated the 40M SSB station.

2013 - Field Day 40M Station

Here is my 40M SSB setup. It  consists of my FT-950, AFEDRI SDR-Net, PR-781 Microphone, Laptop with extended monitor, Dayton speaker with amplifer, couple fans and lights.  I thought the SDR was a bit overkill for FD but it worked out nicely.  Search and pounce was easier than ever with it.

NT1K FD 2013

Here I am on the air. Compared to years past I’m more relaxed even though I’ve been exposed in the very sunny, hot and humid weekend. I felt a little bad that I wasn’t on the air more but I’d rather see others on the air. Even though Field Day is considered an emergency preparedness exercise, the contester in me comes oozing out. I held it back this year but next year I plan to use my headset and DVK (Digital Voice Keyer) in the wee hours of Sunday morning and attempt to make the most amount of contacts for the site.

(Above photos courtesy of: Ken Allen – K2KHA)
Since my gear was used at Field Day, my station at home at a big “hole” where the 950 sat. With other things going on the 950 sat in it’s carrying case and didn’t bother to remove any of the gear until this past weekend due to some electrical issues at my house.

QSL Cards


Since I wasn’t on the air, I figured to wall paper my office with DX QSL cards. I felt a little bad that I get these really nice QSL cards from all over the world for them to be shoved into a drawer. Let’s put them on display for all to see!

I still have a couple more projects in the home that require my attention and hopefully I can sneak away once in a while to play radio.

Thanks for reading and please check back, I do have a lot more articles to finish.
– Jeff NT1K

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