Station Cam

I had this camera lying around from when I did Skype and decided to use it here in my shack. It will be operational during contests and when I know I am going to be on the air for a extended amount of time. The audio feed will either be straight from the transceiver or from the shack depending on the mode I’m operating.

Live Webcam of NT1K

Free desktop streaming application by Ustream

If it says “On Air” or “Live”, Press the play button to see me live. If I am off the air it will play the last recorded video I made.

I am using Ustream to provide the live feed of my station. When I remember to turn the camera on, you will be able to see me operating live. The audio feed is taken from my transmitter so it could be possible to hear yourself talking to me.

NT1K Youtube Playlist


Here is my playlist of QSO’s or other Ham Radio related videos. You can also visit my Youtube webpage for all the videos from NT1K

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