My FT-950


Ain’t it a thing of beauty? heh…

Before I upgraded to general I purchased an FT-857D. I was planning on putting it in my truck but I ended up using it in the house since it was my only HF rig. I wanted a bigger system so I could put the 857D mobile and I ended up getting a Kenwood TS-430s. After making  the impulse purchase I realized that the TS-430S is not suited for digital. I kept using the FT-857D as a home unit and then I decided to sell everything for a new HF base that could handle digital. I was debating between the Kenwood TS-2000 or the Yaesu FT-950. For reasons which are unknown I ended up getting the FT-950. I am loosing VHF and UHF by getting the FT-950 But I think I made a wise purchase. So far I am loving this rig, it’s taking some getting used to but it’s amazing how a couple of adjustments makes a someone who I can barely hear sound like S9.

One thought on “My FT-950”

  1. Why do you say the Kenwood TS-430s is not suited for digital? I have one on the FedEx truck and I am now using a home made interface that plugs into my Mic on an RCI bast 2985dx, and it works fine. I was hoping to find a cable for Signalink to TS 430s but none is listed. Looks like I might need to modify my hand operated home made to the 8 pin round Mic socket and continue on that way? :o)


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